AxIT Force Plates and Push/Pull Dynamometers.

AxIT Force Plates and Push/Pull Dynamometers.

At The Cube Allied Health we have invested in a new piece of equipment that will allow us to clearly provide objective data for strength, power and muscle imbalance assessments.

No more subjective testing providing vague, inaccurate feedback. Here, we will be able to provide you with baseline numbers, implement a program and quickly track progress.

The AxIT system allows us to measure:

  • Baseline strength and power.
  • Imbalances of muscles and movements from side to side.
  • Progression and improvement over time.

*AxIT = Assess It


How it works?


Provide a clear report and training program according to the assessment using the AxIT devices.


Implementing the training program deigned based on the AxIT results.


Track progress with a clear timeline of results in the AxIT software.


Reduced pain, increased performance, and move with confidence knowing you have followed a specific, objective targets based program in the AxIT system.

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Example Assessment.

Watch this video demonstration of the Isometric Mid Thigh Pull assessment using the Force Plates and Iso Rack.